Use Your Card

Using and Caring for Your UO ID

ID Card Services is here to help with any questions or issues you may have with your UO ID card. Feel free to contact us or swing by and ask a question in person. 

Here are some of the key things you need to know about your new UO ID card.

About Your ID Card

The UO ID card is the official identification card for students, faculty members, and staff at the University of Oregon. It is your ticket to campus! You may use your ID card to access buildings, including residence hall rooms and exterior doors; buy food, print or make copies, attend university events, receive services and programs on campus, take tests, ride the bus, and more.

It is important that you keep your card with you at all times, and do not let anyone else use it. 

The university is not responsible for the use of a lost or stolen cards or for unauthorized use of Duck Bucks.

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately. Once your card has been marked as lost, it cannot be used to make purchases until it is replaced or unmarked. This safeguards your Duck Bucks from being misused.

Ways to report a lost/stolen UO ID card

  • Download the GET app and mark your card as lost.
  • Call the ID Card Office at 541-346-3113.
  • Contact us
  • Stop by our office in the EMU, ground level.

Care of Your ID Card

It is important that you take care of your card. Keep it in a safe, sturdy location. Card replacements due to damage require the $28 replacement fee. 

Do not:

  • Carry it in your pocket
  • Punch a hole in it
  • Mark, scratch, or pry it open
  • Bend, twist, or wash it
  • Expose it to heat
  • Use it as an ice scraper

Duck Bucks

Your UO ID card comes with a declining balance account known as Duck Bucks, which can be used to buy food at any of the campus dining venues and at all locations on campus where Duck Bucks is accepted. 

You can make deposits to your Duck Bucks account anytime.

Duck Bucks do not expire. The funds deposited will remain available to you as long as you are affiliated with the university. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. You can make purchases with your Duck Bucks, but you cannot withdraw funds. When you graduate or leave the university you may request a refund of that balance if you have a balance of more than $5.

Keep track of your Duck Bucks account with the GET app

The GET app is your online banking tool for Duck Bucks. Through the GET app you can:

  • View your account balance
  • See your transactions
  • Look for dining options in the EMU
  • Make deposits to your Duck Bucks
  • Mark your card as lost or found
  • Pay for purchases made at the ID Card Office

The following information will assist you in putting your UO ID card to good use. Your current status with the University of Oregon will impact the benefits offered. Please contact the appropriate departments for complete information.

Places to Use Your Card



Reduced Rate:

Community Education Students (CEP)


Reduced Rate:

Faculty Members and Staff

These privileges may vary depending on your employment status. Typically those working less than half-time as well as adjunct, visiting, and courtesy faculty are subject to limitations on UO ID card use. These cardholders are unable to use the free bus ride benefit. Bus passes can be purchased through LTD for those without this benefit. Please contact your department for more information.


Reduced Rate: