Leftover Textover

Mobile screen of Leftover Textover message

Leftover Textover is a collaboration between UO GIS and Mapping Services, University Catering, and the UO Student Sustainability Center. The program alerts students via text message when food leftover from events is available on campus. Leftover Textover helps reduce food waste on campus while providing students with free food!

How Leftover Textover Works

Leftover Textover is for campus events with food from University Catering where there is excess food. These events are predetermined by University Catering. 

Students who opt-in to the program will be sent a text 15 minutes in advance of the leftover food being set out, with a location link provided on the UO campus map. Students should be sure to arrive at the event with a container to take food with them.

Current UO students can sign up online for the Leftover Textover program.

Sign Up for Leftover Textover

Want to donate your University Catering leftovers to Textovers? Contact University Catering directly.

Leftover Textover Easy Button Pilot Program

Leftover Textover is expanding! The Leftover Textover Easy Button Pilot Program will allow student groups to broadcast a message to fellow Ducks about leftover food from student events. As of now, this is a pilot program specific to the EMU and the O Desk (located on the ground floor of the EMU).

Leftover Textover Easy Button Checklist

Do you have food left over after an event in the EMU that was not provided by University Catering? Go through this checklist to see if your food will work for the Leftover Textover program!

  • Do you have a small to medium amount of food left? Can it feed at least ten other students?
    • Can the food fit on one half of the O Desk?
  • Is it easy to transport?
    • Think pizza boxes, Chipotle serving bowls, packaged sandwiches/snacks.
  • Is it food safe?
    • Food cannot be homemade (it needs to come from a licensed business).
    • Food must have been out for less than four hours.
  • Will someone from your group stay at the O Desk until all the food has been taken?
  • Will someone from your group properly dispose of the food containers when the food is gone?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then you can take your food to the O Desk for the Leftover Textover Easy Button Pilot Program!

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then Leftover Textover is not an option.

Please note that some students might not have food containers when they come to grab food, and the O Desk will not have or provide to-go containers, plates, or napkins. How they transport the food will be up to the student.  

If you have questions about the Leftover Textover Easy Button Pilot Program, please reach out to the SSC at uossc@uoregon.edu.