EMU Board

The Erb Memorial Union Board is responsible for making general policy decisions and long-range plans for the operation of the EMU. The board allocates the EMU's multi-million dollar budget, assigns space for student groups and advises staff in the management of the EMU.

The sixteen-member board consists of twelve students (seven elected in a campus-wide election and five direct appointments from either EMU programs or the ASUO), three faculty members appointed by the UO President and one EMU staff member elected by their peers.

Being a member of the EMU Board provides students with the opportunity to work intimately with UO faculty and staff on a diverse set of issues, such as policy making, budgeting, and program development.


Fridays from 2:00–4:00 p.m.

Meet Our Board

Audrey Kalman

Audrey Kalman (she/her)

Board Chair

Photo of Austin Vierra. EMU Board Position Operations Chairman

Austin Vierra (he/him)

Operations Chairman

Profile photo for Eric Alexander

Eric Alexander, MS, MBA (he/him)


Gabriella Dominge

Gabriella Dominge (she/her)

Events Chair

Photo of George Faris. EMU Board Position: Board Member.

George Faris (he/him)

Board Member

Jessi Steward

Jessi Steward (she/her)

EMU Senior Associate Director, Ex-Officio

Kim Truong

Kim Truong (she/her)

Board Member

Photo of Maria Soto Cuesta. EMU Board Position: Senate Seat 04 EMUB

Maria Soto Cuesta (she/her)

Senate Seat 04 EMUB

Photo of Pauline Kim. EMU Board Position: House Chair.

Pauline Kim (she/her)

House Chair

Rick Haught (he/him)


Photo of Sam Torres. Emu Board Position: ASUO Executive Designee

Sam Torres (he/him)

ASUO Executive Designee

Photo of Sam Gaylen. Emu Board Position: ASUO Senate Seat 6 EMUB

Sam Galyen (he/him)

ASUO Senate Seat 6 EMUB

Photo of Victoria Pineiro. Emu Board Position: ASUO Senate Seat 05 EMU Board

Victoria Piñeiro (she/her)

ASUO Senate Seat 05 EMU Board