Card Access Requests

  • Card access requests are only done on Tuesdays and Fridays excluding emergencies. If this is an emergency request, please contact the Key and Access Coordinator at
    • Emergencies include: terminated employees who leave on hostile terms and access to labs which house animals or time-sensitive experiments.
  • Cards that haven't been used in the last 365 days will automatically expire.
  • UO ID cards can be purchased at the ID Card Services Office on the ground floor of the EMU.
  • There is no deposit for prox access.
  • If the card does not have a number on the back of it, it is not a prox card. The user will have to go to the ID Card Service Office and request a prox card.
  • For every change to a user’s prox numbers or access, the online form must be submitted.

Diagram of card and location of particular numbers:

The old cards will be phased out by April 2017.

Back of card

(Some of the old cards have a long sequence of numbers for the prox—only the last five digits are needed.)

New Cards

(Card and Prox numbers are not on the front of the new cards.)


  • Every department needs to submit the Card Access Authorized Requestor form before submitting card access requests:
    • This form designates who in a department is authorized to request access for students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates of the UO.
    • Fill out and either send through campus mail or scan and email to

Card Access must be requested through the Card Access Request Form:

  • ​Log into the website.
  • Fill out the applicable spaces on the form. If multiple people are receiving the same access, please list them on one form.
  • Click "submit".