Esports Lounge 

It’s official, UO’s Esports Program is here, and Gamers are standing by to take the EMU by storm! United by video games of all consoles and styles, UO Esports is a supportive and inclusive community of casual gamers, top-tier esport athletes, and everything in-between. The Esports Lounge is opening on the ground floor of the EMU in Winter 2020. This will be a space for varsity practice, home-base for the Gaming Club, and a place for all students to relax and game with friends on campus. So pull up a controller and join the UO gaming community.

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Varsity Esports


Varsity athletes take gaming to the next level with competitive strategy guiding team practice. Varsity players have to have accountability, showing up on time to games against students in different time zones. They have to adapt with the game and balance maintaining expert-level stats with their academic performance as university scholars. Varsity gaming is fast paced, adrenaline fueled, and not for the faint of heart. Welcome to Esports.



Varsity Team Placements

League of Legends

Made Collegiate Star Leauge Playoffs 2019



Won the TESPA 2019 Spring Varsity Championship


Call of Duty

Made CCL Playoffs


Rocket Leauge

Made Varsity Grand Finals in TESPA 2019



Potential yet to be determined.



Gaming Club

Sometimes gaming isn’t about competition or ability, it’s just about having fun and personal satisfaction. Gaming club is for all students who play video games, from casual virtual tennis players, to dedicated RPG fanatics. Gaming Club is a student-run CSI program. They meet twice a month, keep active as a community on Discord, and occasionally go on trips to industry esports events around the country. Gaming Club is free for students to join and is always open to new members. Check the UO calendar for information about their next meeting.