Due to social distancing requirements, we will not be taking in-house photos as of June 1. To get your UO ID card, whether an initial or replacement card, please submit your photo before you come to ID Card Services on the ground floor of the EMU to receive your ID.

When you come in to pick up your ID card, be sure to bring your student ID number (95*) and government-issued photo identification (such as a valid driver license, state ID, military ID, or passport).

Please note: Your ID is valid for as long as you have an active relationship with the university. You do not need to renew your UO ID annually.

How to upload your photo:


Newly admitted students may obtain an initial UO ID card at no cost once they have been officially admitted.

Re-admitted students may obtain a new UO ID card at no cost upon verification of enrollment.

Community Education Program (CEP) students may obtain a new UO ID card once they have registered for classes for $10. This will be billed to their student account.

Active students may obtain a replacement UO ID card at any time for $25. Replacement cards require presentation of government-issued photo identification.

Continuing Education Students

Community Education Program: The Community Education Program (CEP) is a part-time, non-degree enrollment program that allows anyone to take credit classes at the university. Actively enrolled CEP students may obtain an initial UO ID card upon verification of registration and presentation of government-issued photo ID. The fee for your initial UO ID card will be automatically charged to your UO student account. If you have previously obtained a UO ID card, you may continue to use that card.

Continuing and Professional Education: The department of Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) provides a variety of credit and non-credit programs for professional development and lifelong learning. Program ID Cards are generally coordinated through the department offering the program. There is a $10 fee for each card produced that is generally paid for by a department index. Examples of these programs include: OLLI, REU, and SPUR Program.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may obtain an initial UO ID card upon verification of employment. Different types of UO ID cards may be issued depending on the status of employment such as adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, courtesy faculty, and temporary staff. The initial employee UO ID is free.


Individuals affiliated with certain organizations connected to the University of Oregon may be entitled to a UO ID card. Examples of these organizations include: The Duck Store, Greek Life, Religious Directors Association, CDRC, and ASUO Legal Services. Please check with your employer regarding your eligibility. The initial Associate UO ID is free.

You may be required to present an Unpaid Appointment Form in addition to government-issued photo identification. Your employer can provide you with the form, if needed.

Community Card

The community card provides community members, faculty and staff partners, student partners and children, and alumni with access to various activities on campus. There is a $10 fee for this card.
  • Student Recreation Center: This card is required for alumni; partners of students, faculty, and staff; and community members who purchase a membership through the Student Recreation Center.
  • Craft Center: The community card is required for anyone without a UO ID card to register for term passes and workshops at the Craft Center. We prioritize student involvement, but we welcome the community to join us and thank them for their support. The community card allows for a streamlined registration and check-in process, enhances participant safety, and enables the Craft Center to better analyze and forecast studio use and workshop registration.
  • Outdoor Program
  • UO Libraries
  • University Theatre

Other Cards and Badges

Department Badges: Numerous UO departments, schools and colleges issue ID badges in addition to the UO ID card. There is a fee for this card. See Department Services for details.

Duck Bucks Card/Gift Card: These are used for guests on campus, for department copy services, and as gifts to others. There is a fee for this card. Please note the Duck Bucks card/gift card comes with a zero balance and funds need to be deposited prior to card use. See Duck Bucks for details.

Replace Your Card

Replacement cards are subject to a fee and require presentation of government-issued photo identification.

If your UO ID card is worn-out or not functioning, please bring it to ID Card Services. If the card if defective, we may be able to replace the card for free; otherwise, there is a $25 fee for all replacements and changes.


  • Students and Dual Admission Students: Initial UO ID card is free
  • Community Education Students (CEP): Initial UO ID card is $10 [will be charged to your student account]
  • Continuing and Professional Education Students (CPE): Program ID Card is $10 [generally paid for by department index]
  • Faculty and Staff: Initial UO ID card is free.
  • Associates: Initial UO ID card is free.
  • Community Card: $10
  • Department Badges: $10
  • Duck Bucks, Gift Card, or Department Copy Card: $1
  • Replacement of any UO ID Card: $25
  • Specialty Badges: Please check with ID Card Services for price

We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard, and Duck Bucks.