Esports Program Values

The UO Esports Program is built around three core values: career, community, and competition. These values are what drive our every step and decision and frame the educational structure of the program.

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Leadership, Production, and Streaming

This value focuses on the career-building opportunities students are provided through the UO Esports Program. Career breaks down into “leadership,” “production,” and “streaming.” These career opportunities are presented through different parts of our program, such as internship opportunities with local businesses, global innovations in the gaming and esports ecosystem, UO Esports jobs and stipend opportunities, and “guided experiential learning.” For more information about our career value and pillars, please join our Discord.

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Giving Back, UO Population Engagement, and K-12 Relationships

This value focuses on community development through our pillars of giving back, engaging the UO population, and fostering a growing relationship with K–12 developments. At the UO, we believe in providing students with a community and place of belonging as a core tenet in our educational process. In the UO Esports community, you will find a large gaming and esports student community (more than 2,100 members in Discord). This value focuses on building not just our competitive and career piece, but also on building a strong community for UO students who are interested in gaming and esports. For more information about our community, please join our Discord and get involved with the UO Esports Program.

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Competitive Standards, Rivalries, and Esports Competitors

Our competition value and programming pillar is focused on developing individuals and teams for competition in intercollegiate leagues, tournaments, and events. We do this through the development of competitive stands, long-lasting rivalries, and incredible esports competitors.