Feed the Flock

The University of Oregon recognizes the importance of food security—that in order to be a successful student, you need to have enough to eat.

To help “feed the flock,” Ducks Feeding Ducks offers a confidential route for students who do not have the money or meal points available to purchase food to access meals on campus. Using the Duck Bucks function of the UO ID card, the Ducks Feeding Ducks program provides a transfer of $10 into a student’s account (limit of three transfers per term) for use at any campus food venue that accepts Duck Bucks. It can also be used through the GrubHub app when ordering from a campus eatery. Please note that Ducks Feeding Ducks purchases through Grubhub cannot exceed the $10 amount.

Ducks Feeding Ducks is designed as an emergency resource for students who are unable to access food through other resources. We are setting an initial limit of three transfers per term, per student. Additional meals may be provided on a case-by-case basis through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Donate to Ducks Feeding Ducks

If you’d like to help UO students maintain food security, consider making a donation to Ducks Feeding Ducks.

Students, UO employees, alumni, and family members can donate by using our online form.

Donate to Ducks Feeding Ducks

How to Request Meal Assistance

If you are out of money and in need of a meal, submit an online request by logging in with your Duck ID. If you meet all of the criteria listed below, the ID Card Services Office will transfer $10 to your UO ID within an hour, and send you a confirmation email. You’ll have three days to use those funds at a campus eatery that accepts Duck Bucks including Grubhub. Since you’ll be paying with a swipe of your ID card, there will be anonymity and no indication that you are using a food benefit.

It is important to note that after three days any unused portion of the $10 from Ducks Feeding Ducks will be removed from your account and transferred back into the main fund. Additionally, if you receive the funds but don't use them, the transfer still counts as one of the three transfers allowed per term.

Criteria to Receive Meal Assistance

In order to qualify for Ducks Feeding Ducks, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled University of Oregon student
  • Do not have ready access to money for buying food
  • Have less than $4 in your Duck Bucks account
  • Have not used the program in the current term (limit of three fund transfers per term)

We are setting an initial limit of three transfers per term, per student. Once the limit of meals has been reached, the program will close for the remainder of the term.

Request a Meal from Ducks Feeding Ducks

Additional Food Assistance

If you don't meet the criteria for Ducks Feeding Ducks or have a more persistent need, there are other programs available to help you get enough food, including the Student Food Pantry near campus and Produce Drops at the EMU.

Learn About Other Food Security Programs

Provide Feedback or Get Help

If you have questions about the program or issues with the application, please contact the ID Card Services office at 541-346-3113 or email uocard@uoregon.edu.

You can also refer to our frequently asked questions page.

Ducks Feeding Ducks FAQs