Student Sustainability Fund

The goal of the Student Sustainability Fund is to provide students with funding to implement projects and events that focus on the pursuit of human equity, environmental vitality, and economic wellbeing. This also gives students experience with technical writing, leadership, project management, and event planning.

Envision Magazine

Envision Journalism was founded in November 2011 by five undergraduate students at the University of Oregon. Since then, it has become the fastest-growing publication on campus. Envision is fully student-run (funded by ASUO) and the only environmentally focused publication on campus. Envision strives to be a crucial part of the environmental conversation on campus, in Lane County and in the Pacific Northwest. Get experience with writing, publishing, design, and more.

Student Sustainability Network

The Student Sustainability Network is a coalition of leaders around campus who are interested in addressing the environmental, economic, and social equity elements of sustainability. Bringing together over 30 organizations, it is run by a student leader who receives a stipend and advising from our office.

Greeks Go Green

The Greeks Go Green Program is a coalition of sustainability chairs within fraternities and sororities. They meet regularly to discuss service opportunities and waste management strategies for their houses and Greek life. In Fall 2018, they raised over $2500 at a single event for social justice initiatives and provided clean-up kits for their annual Shasta Weekend.

Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living

The Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Living strives to inspire ecologically and socially conscious living practices through experiential learning. CASL, located at 1801 Moss Street, will soon operate a state-of-the-art demonstration home for low-impact living near campus. We currently hold workshops, classes, and tours that connect University of Oregon students and faculty with community organizations and local professionals.