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Student Sustainability Center

Creating Sustainable Change

The Student Sustainability Center (SSC) is a collaborative space for student-led initiatives that foster environmental justice, social well-being, and ecological resilience. The SSC empowers students to engage pressing and relevant sustainability issues through leadership development, campus programming, projects driven by student needs and interests, and sustainability-oriented community. We help students develop a just vision for society, build resilience, and prepare to live in a climate-altered present and future.

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Monday–Friday: 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. 

1395 University of Oregon 005 EMU
Eugene OR 97403

Applications Open for Environmental Justice Fellowship

As a part of the Just Future Initiative, the Student Sustainability Center collaborates with Holden Center's Emerging Leadership Project to provide funding and leadership skill development for student service projects that help redress environmental injustices in their communities.

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What We Do

At the SSC, we center equity in all we do. We understand that environmental problems are the result of unjust social systems. We therefore value: social justice, equity, and empowerment; student autonomy, initiative, and resilience; whole-person and holistic approaches to sustainability; critical analysis of the current and historical drivers of socio-ecological crises; and a systems-thinking approach to sustainability and environmental justice issues.

Grove Community Garden

In partnership with the Urban Farm, the Grove Garden offers 24 plots, a free seed library, and volunteer opportunities. It helps address food insecurity and educates about the importance of pollinators.

Grove Garden

Waste Reduction and Reusables

The waste reduction and reusables effort aims to reduce waste on campus. Our programs provide reusable water bottles, mugs, and silverware. We also host educational opportunities to fix broken objects.

Reduce Your Waste

Food Justice

Studies suggest as many as half of U.S. college students struggle with access to food while in school. In an effort to create change in our UO food system, the SSC provides free produce markets and more.

Food Justice

Habitat Restoration

Students can volunteer with community organizations that do environmental restoration on campus and in surrounding areas. We offer one-off events, as well as regularly occurring opportunities to volunteer.

Habitat Restoration


The SSC supports pollinator health and populations at the UO campus and beyond.

Supporting Pollinators

Environmental Justice

Environmental problems are rooted in social injustices. Our programs provide opportunities for students to work toward environmental justice.

Environmental Justice

Climate Anxiety

The SSC’s climate anxiety program provides support for students facing climate anxiety or the stress, grief, guilt, depression, anxiety, or other psychological effects experienced due to worrying about the impacts of climate change.

Climate Anxiety

Student Organizations

Pursue passion projects with the help of leaders in sustainability, get funding, spread the word through journalism, involve your fraternity or sorority, and more with these student organizations.

Join a Group

Volunteering and Events

Get involved with the SSC. We host events to connect students with resources and opportunities. From the Sustainability Fair to Earth Week and Transportation Day, join us here.

Volunteering and Events

Upcoming Events
SSC Produce Drop
SSC Produce Drop Jun 6 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
LGBTQIA+ Produce Drop Box
LGBTQIA+ Produce Drop Box Jun 7 Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
Pollinator Habitat Restoration
Pollinator Habitat Restoration Jun 9 Changing campus locations each week; the specific location will be sent via email to all who have RSVPed via link.