Key Returns

To receive a refund of the deposit for returned keys, the key holder must have:

  • University of Oregon Identification Card (UO ID).
  • The key(s) to return.


  • The refund issued will be the same amount as the deposit initially paid.
  • If the key(s) were paid by the key holder's department, then the department will be refunded, not the key holder.

Special Cases:

  • If you are returning for someone else, such as a spouse, friend, sibling, etc., the Access Coordinator must be informed by email beforehand through the key holder's email.
  • If the Access Coordinator is not informed beforehand, the key(s) will be taken and a refund receipt made out. However, no refund money will be issued. Instead, a check will be cut and mailed to the address either provided by the person returning the key or the address on Banner.
    • If there is no address provided on Banner or from the person returning the key(s), no refund will be issued.