Lost or Stolen Card

It is important that you report your lost or stolen UO ID card immediately, especially if your UO ID card is programmed for building access or if you have funds in your Duck Bucks account.

Once deactivated, your UO ID card will not be accepted for Duck Bucks or at areas on campus that require you to swipe your UO ID card for identification.

If your ID is programmed for building access, please notify ID Card Services as soon as possible to ensure that the access on card is deactivated. If the card office is unavailable (weekends and after business hours) contact the the UO Police Department.

If you locate your ID Card after reporting it lost, and you have not already replaced it, simply bring it to the ID Card Services and we will reactivate your card for use.

UO ID Card Replacement Insurance

This service is only available to incoming students during the summer, through Week of Welcome. Your initial card is free, but each replacement costs $28. Insurance can help you save money in replacement fees. About 25 percent of current UO students have replaced their UO ID card and 40 percent of students who have replaced their UO ID cards have lost more than one.

What is card replacement insurance?

Card Replacement Insurance is a program where you pay a one-time fee that will insure you for a maximum of five UO ID card replacements.

How much is the card replacement insurance?

There is a one-time fee of $60 which can be purchased only at the ID Card Services during your IntroDUCKtion session. You can call our office at 541-346-3113 prior to arriving to campus or come into our office located in the EMU.

How does the card replacement insurance work?

  • Buy the insurance at the Card Office during IntroDUCKtion
  • Your insurance is added to your UO ID Card profile
  • Each replacement UO ID card up to the sixth is free

FOUND SOMEBODY’S UO ID card? Please return all found UO ID cards to ID Card Services. If the ID card office is closed, the attendant at Guest Services can accept the found ID. The sooner you return the UO ID card, the better chance we have of preventing the student who lost it from having to pay a replacement fee. You can return the found UO ID card to ID Card Services or Guest Services on the ground floor of the EMU or mail it to:

1395 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR

Report Your Card Lost or Stolen

GET online portal or through the GET app

In Person:
ID Card Services
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

By Phone:
ID Card Services

Broken and Nonfunctioning Cards

If your UO ID card is worn out or not functioning, please bring it to ID Card Services for troubleshooting. If the card if defective, we may be able to replace the card for free; otherwise, there is a $28 fee for all replacements including replacement due to physical damage.

If you have punched a hole in your UO ID Card, we will not replace your UO ID card for free. Hole-punching your UO ID card weakens it, causing it to break more easily. Additionally, if you punch a hole over your photo, name, status, ID number, barcode or magstripe, you may impede your UO ID card's functions. If you want to hang your UO ID card from a lanyard or key ring, you may purchase UO ID card holders at ID Card Services, The Duck Store, and other locations around campus.

Replace Your Card

You can get a replacement card at ID Card Services. Replacement cards are subject to a $28 fee and require presentation of government-issued photo identification.