Grove Community Garden

The Grove Garden is a student-run, community space for you to grow plants and connect with other people who are passionate about gardening. Plots are 12 by 4 feet, and you can lease them individually or as a group from week one spring term to week seven fall term—no experience necessary. For a $25 fee, you get full access to seeds, water, soil amendments, tools, and more. Whatever you grow is yours to eat! Barrels in the garden contain herbs and berries that are free for everyone to pick. If you want to extend your plot lease through the winter to overwinter your veggies, just let us know.

Community garden members must help keep up the space by weeding their plots and surrounding areas, detering pests and harmful insects to the best of their ability, keeping grass around their beds at a reasonable level, cleaning and putting away tools, and storing the hoses in a safe way. 

Garden coordinators assign plots, make orders, lead projects, organize work parties and workshops, and ensure the garden continues to run safely and smoothly. We keep two plots for the Student Food Pantry, and you’re welcome to volunteer your time there. The garden is a collective effort, so we appreciate dedication to the public space as well as individual plots. We hold members accountable for their responsabilities in order to keep the space pleasant for the whole community. This year we’d like to develop the garden as more of a community space—we welcome your ideas to improve the garden and encourage you to spend time there and invest in the space. You're always welcome to reach out with questions or if you need support keeping up with watering or weeding while away.

The Bee Committee

The Bee Committee will plant native pollinator plants in front of the garden this fall. We are working with them to create a garden environment that is attractive to and safe for pollinators

Workshops and Work Parties

We have multiple opportunities to be involved with the Grove Garden other than tending an individual plot. We offer free workshops where the coordinators or guests lead a session about various home garden topics such as composting, pruning, and even sauerkraut making. We also host work parties for volunteers and plot holders to work on projects in the shared space such as deer-fencing, food pantry plot maintenance, mowing, and more. If you’re interested in only volunteering or participating in workshops, send us an email at, and we’ll add you to the newsletter! The work parties will always be on Saturdays noon–3:00 p.m. during the spring and summer. 

How to Apply

  1. Email to receive a plot application.
  2. Fill out the application with a few short answer questions. Plot space is largely given to those who turn in the applications first. Turn in your application at the SSC (EMU 005).
  3. After your application has been approved, you will pay a $15 fee for 2 terms.
  4. Once we approve your application and receive the payment, you’ll be sent a welcome email, and the final step will be to meet with a coordinator at the garden and get assigned a plot!