We are sorry. The Ducks Feeding Ducks program has reached its 2,500 allotments for the term and the online form is now closed. While the online application is closed, we have limited funds available to assist with emergency meals on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students to speak with someone at 541-346-3216 or during their drop-in hours 1:00–4:30 p.m., Monday–Friday. You can also visit the Food Security Programs website to learn about additional resources.

We plan to reopen the Ducks Feeding Ducks program in fall 2019.


Where can I use my Ducks Feeding Ducks (DFD) funds?

You may use your DFD funds to purchase food at any of the campus food outlets. This includes University Housing’s dining venues, the EMU food vendors, the Duck Store food options, and all other campus cafés. The funds are limited to food purchases only, so you cannot purchase other merchandise.

Can I use it at more than one place?

Once the DFD funds are transferred to you, you have two days to use the $10. While the amount of the DFD deposit was set at $10 because this covers the average cost of a full meal, you might not use all of the funds at once. If you have a balance after your first purchase, you may use the remaining funds to purchase another meal. 

I have used all three deposits. What are my options?

The Feed the Flock initiative has a number of programs and the Office of the Dean of Students has additional resources available. If you reach out to the Office of the Dean of Students, you may be eligible to receive up to two additional DFD deposits. Call 541-346-3216 to schedule a food security appointment with a Dean of Students administrator. You can also stop by during drop-in hours, Monday through Friday, 1:00–4:30 p.m. in Oregon Hall 185. 

I didn’t receive a confirmation or denial email. How can I tell if I received DFD funds?

If you did not receive an email, please email ducksfeedingducks@uoregon.edu, call the ID Card Services office at 541-346-3113, or come by. This is a new program and we are still working out issues as they develop. Letting us know will help us resolve the issue. You can also check your Duck Bucks and DFD balances on the GET app or through the GET online portal.

I didn’t use one of my deposits. Does it count toward my three deposits per term?

Yes. The process is automated and counts every transfer regardless of whether or not the funds were used. That is why it is important to check to make sure your application was processed. If you did not receive a confirmation email, you may still have received DFD funds. You can check your balance on the GET app or through the GET online portal.

Are the DFD funds added to my personal Duck Bucks account?

No. The DFD funds are added to your ID card as a separate account. When you present your ID card to pay for food, the vendor will see only the DFD balance. Once all DFD funds have been used, the next time you use your Duck Bucks, the vendor will see your Duck Bucks account balance. 

How can I check my balance(s)? 

You can access your account through the GET portal or app. If there are DFD funds available, you will see that balance as well as your Duck Bucks account balance. 

I have a small balance left of my DFD funds. Can I apply for more?

Yes. If you have a remaining DFD balance of less than $4, you may apply for another $10 transfer. Please email ducksfeedingducks@uoregon.edu if you have questions. 

I would like to give to the DFD program. Where can I make a donation?

If you would like to donate to DFD, fill out the online form. Donations can also be made at the ID Card Services Office located on the ground floor of the EMU.