Duck Bucks Terms and Conditions

The University of Oregon utilizes the UO ID card in a debit card program called Duck Bucks. This program is intended to add flexibility and convenience for purchases at various locations around campus.

Account Eligibility

Duck Bucks is available to all students, faculty, staff, and associates who are currently enrolled, employed by, or affiliated with the university. University departments are also eligible to open a Duck Bucks account for departmental use in accordance with departmental charge policies. Duck Bucks accounts are also available on UO Oregon library cards, generic Duck Bucks cards, community cards and gift cards.

The UO ID cardholder understands and agrees:

Duck Bucks is a non-transferable; non-interest bearing account with funds prepaid by an authorized card owner or approved designee. This account is not a demand deposit account like a savings or checking account. Funds deposited into a Duck Bucks account may be redeemed for services at locations displaying the Duck Bucks logo. This account shall be debited, at the point of sale, for goods and services purchased using Duck Bucks. Account balances will automatically roll over each new term, semester or academic year as long as the account owner remains a registered student or employee of the university.

There is a $1.00 annual service fee for utilizing the University of Oregon Duck Bucks program. This charge will be applied to the owner’s Duck Bucks account within 90 days of the first deposit. Returned checks and electronic payments returned due to non-sufficient funds, stop payment, or closed accounts are subject to a $20 handling fee. The Duck Bucks account owner agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, policies and procedures specified by the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon reserves the right to cancel this agreement if an individual violates any rules, policies or procedures or breaches in any way, any term or condition of this agreement. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating the use of the Duck Bucks plan will apply to all active accounts in use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the account was initially opened. Notification of changes will be provided on the Duck Bucks website.

Use of Duck Bucks

The authorized card owner must present their UO ID card at the time of purchase in order to access their Duck Bucks account. Duck Bucks can be used at any location displaying the Duck Bucks logo. A card will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the authorized card owner.

Account Statements

A card owner may request a detailed statement of all account transactions from the ID Card Services during normal business hours.

Reporting Lost Cards

The cardholder must report a lost or stolen UO ID card immediately and can do so in person at the ID Card Services or by calling the office at 541-346-3113 during business hours. If ID Card Services is closed, the cardholder can leave a detailed phone message.

Liability Disclosure and Error Resolution Notice

It is a card owner's responsibility to protect their UO ID card. The card owner is responsible for monitoring their account. Should the card become lost, misplaced, or stolen the university assumes no responsibility for illegitimate use of the card owner’s Duck Bucks account prior to the card owner notifying ID Card Services.

All sales transactions incurred by the card owner are final at the time and point of sale. Any discrepancies should be reported at the time of purchase or in person at the ID Card Services within two working days.

A report of activity is available upon request at the ID Card Services. If it is determined that an error has occurred, the affected transaction[s] will be adjusted.

Account Closure and Refund Policy

Account balances will automatically roll over each new term, semester, and academic year as long as the account owner remains a registered student or employee of the university.

Refunds of positive plan balances greater than $5 will be given only when the card owner no longer has an active relationship with the university. Students must provide evidence of withdrawal or graduation. Faculty, staff, and associates must provide evidence that they are no longer employed with the university. At such time that the affiliation with the university is ended, the UO card is no longer valid.

A request for a refund must be provided in writing to the ID Card Services preferably on an official refund request form available in the ID Card Services. Refunds will not be given for amounts less than $5. Requested refunds will ordinarily be made at the end of the current term or semester. A check will be mailed to the address on record with the university within approximately 30 business days of the refund request. There will not be a service charge for closing an account. Refund requests made at times other than described, will be considered on a case by case basis by the Manager of the ID Card Services.

To receive a refund, the card owner must have a zero balance on their university A/R account.

Inactive Accounts

If the card owner has never requested a refund of the remaining balance, the card owner’s remaining balance cannot be offset against any other amount owed to the university, and two years pass in which no transactions take place, any balances remaining in the Duck Bucks account will be treated as unclaimed property in accordance with Oregon law. A $25.00 uniform administrative fee will be charged to the Duck Bucks account, and any remaining balance will be transferred to the owner’s university A/R account.

Disclosure of Accounting Information

The university will not disclose information to third parties about the account holder’s account or any transfers made except as [1] required by court orders or other applicable laws or [2] the account holder provides explicit written permission.

Rev: April 2017