EMU Sound Policy

Title: EMU Sound Policy

Policy number: 201718-6

Owner: UO Scheduling and Event Services

Policy language: In all spaces that UO Scheduling and Event Services schedules:

  1. Classes, registration, and other academic uses take priority over all other uses of all facilities. The University is an educational institution, as such all users of the EMU and other University facilities are expected to respect the institution’s priorities. 
  2. Noise disturbance (defined as any sound which-injures or endangers the safety/health of a human or personal/real property; or annoys/disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities) is prohibited. All decisions about noise disturbances are content neutral.
  3. The person responsible for a noise disturbance is required to eliminate the disturbance immediately upon receiving notice of the violation. Sound levels of events scheduled on campus may be restricted at any time by UO Scheduling and Event Services, Building Managers, UOPD or designated authority.
  4. Operating any device designed for sound production, amplification, or reproduction (this is understood to include any musical instrument), on public property or on a public right-of-way so as to be plainly audible 50 feet or more from such device is prohibited. “Plainly audible” means that the listener clearly can hear the content of the sound produced by the noise source. Sounds which may be clearly audible include, but are not limited to: musical rhythms, spoken words, and vocal sounds.

Exceptions Include:

  1. As part of a confirmed event with approval from the UO Scheduling and Event Services Director. 
  2. For events occurring outside of core academic class time. Core academic class time is 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday when classes are in session. 
  3. EMU Amphitheater:
    1. Sound levels of events scheduled in the EMU Amphitheater may be restricted at any time if a potential conflict with a previously-scheduled event exists, as determined by UO Scheduling and Event Services.
    2. Between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday, the following restrictions apply:
      1. The maximum sound pressure level produced by the event shall not exceed 83 decibels (A-weighting) at a point 5 feet above the seating area located 40 feet from the stage edge. 
      2. Any amplification equipment (including, but not limited to instrument amplifiers and public address/sound reinforcement systems) - must be regulated by UO Event Services staff to ensure that the maximum acceptable limit is not exceeded. This entails an hourly charge.
    3. The sponsoring group must provide a designated representative (event liaison) for the duration of the event to communicate information to and from performers, support personnel, technicians, and University or City officials responding to noise complaints.
    4. If, during an event, sound levels exceed the limits in force at the time –or violate appropriate sound levels as defined by this policy, the sound must be reduced to an acceptable level. Should the situation not be rectified immediately, the event may be shut down by EMU officials or UOPD.

Status: Approved