EMU Code of Conduct Policy

Title: EMU Code of Conduct Policy

Policy number: 202122-1

Owner: EMU Administration

Policy language:

All persons using EMU facilities (as defined by the EMU Facilities Maintenance Policy) are responsible for the proper use of the facility, furnishings, and equipment. Damage to any EMU facility will be billed to the person(s) or organizations responsible.

EMU users are prohibited from leaving unattended bags, backpacks, or other personal items in the building (including for the purpose of reserving seating). Unattended bags, packages, and personal items present security risks. Such unattended items may be confiscated and turned over to UOPD as lost items. 

Restroom use shall not create a safety or health hazard for others. No person shall use EMU public restrooms or foot-washing stations for the purpose of bathing, shaving, washing clothes, etc.

Non-student facility users are restricted to upright seated positions on furniture. Sprawling out, lying down, or sleeping is not permitted.

No person shall engage in any form of panhandling/begging in any EMU facility. 

Any University community member who violates any relevant policies may be disciplined in accordance with applicable UO policies and procedures. Persons who are not members of the University community and who violate these rules will be subject to criminal sanctions and penalties and may be removed or trespassed from the EMU facility and/or University property.

Status: Approved