The project commenced in August 2011 with a Program verification and Conceptual Design phase. Following the initial cost estimate and cost reductions the Design Team collaborated with the User Group in the Schematic Design phase, and completed the Schematic Design Report in May 2012. The projected timeline for phases of construction is expected to be

  • December 13, 2013—Move Phase 1 groups
  • January 2, 2014—Construction on Craft Center
  • March, 2014Many EMU programs and services moved to temporary offices in MacCourt
  • March 20, 2014Move Phase 2a Group to MacCourt
  • April 3MacCourt open house celebration
  • May, 2014EMU Craft Center opened in new location
  • May, 2014We said goodbye to the north wing of the EMU with the “Sledge Hammer Sayonara Party.” The building demolition completed over the summer and footings poured for the new building.
  • May 2, 2014Move 2b groups, meeting rooms
  • May 3-7, 2014Wrecking ball parties
  • May 8, 201470s Building Demo begins
  • September, 2014New Craft Center grand opening
  • March, 2015Phase 3 Remodel of 50’s building
  • March, 2015EMU Food Service venues all closed so renovation on existing building could begin. Subway and Joe’s Burgers provided food all spring and summer terms.
  • June, 2015Holden Center for Leadership and Community Engagement opens in new location
  • September 2015—First food venue opens in newly renovated Fishbowl. Welcome Starbucks and soon followed by a new Panda Express
  • October, 2015—Amphitheatre reopens in time for Homecoming party
  • February, 2016 – All of the first floor food venues will be open adding Joe’s Burgers, Subway, and Chipotle to the options
  • May, 2016—Scheduled completion date for new building
  • June, 2016—Programs and Services move back from Mac Court
  • July, 2016—Duck Store, Falling Sky Pizzaria and Pub, Duck Nest Wellness Center and others open spaces in new building
  • September, 2016—EMU is ready to welcome students back to campus
  • October, 2016—Building rededication and grand opening ceremony

October 2016—Grand Opening

Note: These projections are based on the project moving ahead as currently designed. Should the project budget, program, vision, or goals change the project will likely need an additional period (length dependent on scale of changes) for the user group and design team to revisit the decisions from the conceptual and schematic design phases.