Campus Cash

The University of Oregon utilizes the UO ID card in a debit card program called UO Campus Cash. This program is intended to add flexibility and convenience for purchases at multiple locations across campus, including vending machines.

The amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your Campus Cash account, and the remaining balance on your account will be displayed.

You can deposit money into your Campus Cash account at any time during the year. The funds in your account automatically carry over from one term to the next and from year to year.

We also offer Campus Cash Gift Cards for guests on campus and gifts to others.

Campus Cash Terms and Conditions

There is a $1 annual fee for utilizing campus cash. This fee will be deducted from your Campus Cash account.


What is the difference between Campus Cash and Meal Points?
Campus Cash is a dollar-based program offered through ID Card Services that can be used at multiple locations across campus, including University Housing dining venues.

Meal Points are offered through University Housing and can only be used at University Housing dining venues.

Who can use Campus Cash?
Anyone. You only need a card with an active Campus Cash account. If you have an active UO ID Card, you have a Campus Cash account. Non-UO patrons may purchase a Campus Cash Card. These cards are available at ID Card Services and the Knight Library Checkout/Information Desk. Campus Cash can also be deposited on the Recreation Center Pass and UO Libraries Oregon Card.

Where can I use Campus Cash?
Campus Cash can be used at many locations across campus as an alternative to cash, checks and credit cards. Here is a detailed list of where you can use Campus Cash.

  • Printing and copying services at UO Computing Labs and UO Libraries can only be paid with Campus Cash.
  • Campus Cash cannot be used to pay tuition.
  • Campus Cash coming soon to Duck Store.

How do I make deposits to my Campus Cash account?
You can make deposits in person, over the phone and online. Here is detailed information about how and where you can make deposits to your account.

Can my parents make deposits to my Campus Cash account?
Most certainly. Here is detailed information about how your parents, and others, can make deposits to your account.

Can I get cash from my Campus Cash account?
No. You can only use Campus Cash for making purchases. Once you leave the UO, if your Campus Cash balance is $5 or more, you can contact ID Card Services to close your Campus Cash account and request a refund.

What happens if my UO ID card is lost or stolen and I have Campus Cash on my account?
It is important that you report your lost or stolen UO ID card immediately. This ensures your UO ID card will be deactivated and your Campus Cash account protected. More information here.

How can I find out my account balance?
Every time you make a purchase, your Campus Cash account balance is shown on the cash register monitor.

If you make a deposit online, you can check your deposit history through QuikPay.

You can also stop by ID Card Services and request your balance and full account history information. For your protection, we cannot share account information over the phone.