Department Services

In addition to producing UO ID cards, the card office also offers a number of additional services to departments.

Department Badges

ID Card Services can create photo/name badges upon request for UO departments that would like their employees to wear one. This badge is the same size and shape as the regular UO ID card and may contain your department logo or other artwork of your choice.

There is an initial set up fee of $50 and a $7 fee per badge.

Download Design and Production Information

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are now a part of the University of Oregon’s physical access control system. These cards are issued by ID Card Services and programmed for access by the Key Access Office.

For individuals that have a UO ID card but need a proximity card:

We no longer require department authorization to issue a proximity card. Individuals that have an active relationship with the UO may request a proximity card at ID Card Services in the EMU. At the time of request; we will produce a new UO ID card on proximity card stock and collect your previously issued UO ID card. If you do not have your previously issued UO ID card to trade, a replacement fee may be collected.

Departments need to authorize employees to have proximity access. To do so, contact the UO Police Department. Gaining proximity access is different depending on department.

ID Card Services does NOT give door access; our office only prints the cards.

Once authorized, students, staff, and faculty should report to the Key Access Office—located in the Card Office—with their proximity card. The Key Access Office will activate the card for door access. 

If you are a student who needs access for your residence hall, contact the front desk of that particular residence hall complex.

Department Copy Cards

In order to copy at the library using departmental or grant funds, a departmental copy card must be obtained at ID Card Services. There is a $1 fee for this card. To obtain a department copy card, you may come into the Card Office with an index number or send us an email that includes: 

  • The name of the department or specific lab that will appear on the card
  • The contact person’s name, campus address and phone extension
  • The index to charge
  • The amount you need added to the card 

ID Card Services can mail the card to the department or hold it in the Card Office for pick up.