The Erb Memorial Union Board is responsible for making general policy decisions and long-range plans for the operation of the EMU. The board allocates the EMU's multi-million dollar budget, assigns space for student groups and advises staff in the management of the EMU.

The sixteen-member board consists of twelve students [seven elected in a campus-wide election and five direct appointments from either EMU programs or the ASUO], three faculty members appointed by the UO President and one EMU staff member elected by their peers.

Being a member of the EMU Board provides students with the opportunity to work intimately with UO faculty and staff on a diverse set of issues, such as policy making, budgeting, and program development.


Mondays, 5:00–7:00 p.m.


Erika Goto, Board Chair
Erika is more than thrilled to start her time as the EMU Board Chair this year. A majority of her time is spent at the EMU whether she is holding office hours as an ASUO Senator, planning for the upcoming Willamette Valley Music Festival or simply admiring the building itself. Erika also serves as the Finance Director for the Public Relations Student Society of America as well as an University Housing Office Assistant. As a public relations major, Erika hopes to pursue a career in large scale event planning whether it be for the entertainment industry or even for the Olympics. You can frequently catch Erika running from the rain (she’s from Southern California) or from meeting to meeting, feel free to stop her and say hello!

Sammi Wong, Vice Chair
Sammi is second year student majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. With a minor in Mandarin Chinese, Sammi aims to work abroad in China and Hong Kong post-graduation. Sammi is the current president of Hong Kong Student Association and a Resident Assistant for University Housing. Following her passion for photography, Sammi runs a freelance photography business on the side. This will be her first year serving on the EMU Board.

Kenneth Ancell, Budget Chair
Kenneth is a junior majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in PPPM. He is from Portland, Oregon and has previously been involved with the ASUO Internship and Junior Executive programs at the U of O. This is his first year on the board.

Aron Zhang , House Committee Chair
Aron is currently a senior studying Sports Business and International Business Communication at the University of Oregon. He is also the president of the University's table tennis club. The sports club plays both recreationally and competitively against other Northwestern universities. While being the outreach coordinator for the Mills International Center, Aron is able to share his passion of helping people from different cultural backgrounds communicate together.

Lucas Eschelbach, Budget Committee
Lucas is a senior majoring in Political Science and PPPM. As an EMU employee and first year EMU Board member, he is excited to use his experience and relationships from working in the EMU to guide his decision making on the EMU board. Between working, studying, and holding ASUO office hours, Lucas is never too far from the EMU, so don't hesitate do say hello when you see him around. When not in the EMU, Lucas enjoys reading, mountain biking, skiing, and enjoying the natural beauty of Oregon any way he can.

Tess Mor, Budget Committee
Tess is a junior studying Journalism with a Public Relations focus at the university of Oregon. Last year I served as the Business senator for the ASUO and this year I am 1 of 3 EMU senators for the ASUO. I am a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and hold the membership programming position. I'm looking forward to this next year and what's to come with the brand new EMU.

Adrianna Roberts, House Committee
Adrianna is a junior majoring in Romance Languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and Latin American Studies. She is originally from San Diego, CA but later moved and spent a large portion of her life in Florence, OR.  Apart from being on the EMU Board, Adrianna is an Impact mentor, a member of the Black Student Union, a representative on the Dean of Students Advisory Board, and a Mentor Resident Assistant for the Umoja Pan-African Scholars Academic Residential Community. After graduation, Adrianna would like to join the Peace Corps and eventually move into a career working with Afro-Latinos somewhere in Latin America.

Alex Pear, Budget Committee
Alex is a junior from Mission Viejo, California and is double majoring in Political Science and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. She is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Hillel, and also works as a Student Director for Orientation Programs. As the elected EMU At Large Board Member, Alex is excited to be a part of the Grand Reopening of the EMU in its first year.

Mat Wilson, ASUO Executive Designee
As a first year student at U of O, Mat is excited to be involved on campus by serving on the EMU Board as an Executive Designee on the House Committee. He has grown to love spending time in the EMU while working as an Event Assistant at the Student Sustainability Center. Mat is also a Team Lead for Duck Corps, and the Facilities Chair on the PACURH Conference Committee. With a passion for service, he enjoys keeping busy by helping others on and off campus. Double majoring in Judaic Studies and Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology, Mat looks forward to graduate school and lifelong research after his time at U of O is complete. Mat is always up to chat, so feel free to say ‘hi’ when you see him around campus!

Vikas Mankala, House Committee
Vikas is a senior at the University of Oregon/Robert D. Clark Honors College studying Human Physiology, Biology, and Chemistry. After his undergraduate work, Vikas hopes to attend an optometry graduate program for studies to become an Optometric Physician. Vikas chose to be an Erb Memorial Union Board Member to help increase student involvement and activity in the Erb Memorial Union. Vikas hopes that students and student groups feel comfortable interacting with the Union Board and continually provide feedback so that the Erb Memorial Union can continue to support students. In his free time Vikas enjoys hiking, watching movies, and discovering new music.

Matti Cone, Budget Committee
Matti, currently a Computer Science major, has been involved with student organizations on campus since his freshmen year, focusing mainly on the student veteran community. He strives to be a professional student voice on campus and strongly believes in “loving thy neighbor”, placing that behind all his actions, both personal and professional. Matti and his wife, Lindsay, own and operate a competitive BBQ team / private event catering business that began in 2012.

Suzanne Reed, Staff Representative
Serving the campus community since 2007 in a variety of roles, Suzanne came to the EMU in 2014. As Building Services Coordinator, Suzanne has a high level of interaction with EMU programs, staff, and students. A longtime volunteer with local non-profit groups, Suzanne utilizes her background in grant writing and grant administration to create strong, sustainable food systems for our most vulnerable populations.

Kelli Matthews, Faculty Representative
Kelli Matthews is a senior instructor of public relations at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication and the area director of the public relations sequence. Kelli teaches across the public relations sequence, as well as in the School’s multimedia core. She’s an award-winning teacher and has been in the classroom for more than a decade. Kelli has also collaborated on research related to millennial agency practitioners and effective pedagogical practices. Her work has been published in the Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Journal and Ethical Space. Kelli also has 15 years of professional public relations experience and has worked with clients in government, nonprofit, retail, restaurant and manufacturing.

Lauren Bauer, Board Manager
Lauren Bauer is a junior from Chicago, IL who is double majoring in Business and Ethnic Studies. As a Business major, she has a concentration in Sports Business. In addition to her studies, Lauren is the General Coordinator for the Women in Business organization and the Operations Coordinator for the Youth Movement event with the Warsaw Sports Business Club. She has worked at the EMU Administration Office since her sophomore year. Lauren accepted the role of EMU Board Manager because she enjoys learning about the EMU and supporting its programs and services.

Steve Linster, Ex-Officio
Steve is the Erb Memorial Union Business Manager. He leads the EMU Board Budget Committee. The Budget Committee reviews and approves the EMU budget. Steve has worked with the board since 2009.

Jessi Steward, Ex-Officio
Jessi is the Associate Director of the Student Union. She leads the EMU Board House Committee. Jessi has worked with the board since 2005.

Laurie Woodward, Director of the EMU
Laurie has served as the director of the Erb Memorial Union for three years. She has overall responsible for the facilities, administration and finances, and the programs and services offered through the EMU. Laurie holds a master’s degree from Western Illinois University, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida. Her dissertation and research interests include; the social contract between higher education and society and leadership development for college students. Laurie’s previous teaching experience includes courses in Higher Education Administration, Public Finance and Leadership Development.