Leadership opportunities at the EMU provide real-word experience and a process that allows you to learn at your own pace, all within the framework of staff support and guidance. Here's your chance to enhance your classroom experiences, to engage in campus life and to experience leadership first hand.

ASUO Executive

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon Executive is composed of an elected president, a vice president and their area coordinators. As the recognized voice of UO students, the ASUO Exec administers more than 250 funded ASUO programs. ASUO Executive students receive a monthly stipend.

ASUO Senate

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon Senate is composed of 18 students. The ASUO Student Senators allocate the incidental fees collected from each UO student through the annual budget process and through special requests. Student Senators also serve as active members of the University Senate, the faculty body that debates and sets general University policies. Student Senators receive a monthly stipend.

Club Sports

Club Sports is an athletic and leadership development program that provides UO students with the opportunity to compete in a variety of team and individual sports and activities.  Club teams practice, host games and events, travel to competitions throughout the U.S., and contend for national championships every year.  Currently there are 41 clubs with more than 1,100 participants/members.  Club teams are student run/student led; the success of the program is based on the student involvement in the coordination and administration of their respective teams.

EMU Board

The EMU Board is responsible for making general policy decisions and long-range plans for the operation of the EMU. The board allocates the EMU's multi-million dollar budget, assigns space for student organizations and advises staff in the management and administration of the EMU. Student board members have the opportunity to work intimately with UO faculty and staff on a diverse set of issues, such as policy-making, budgeting, building renovation and program development.

The 16-member EMU Board consists of 12 students, three faculty members and one EMU staff member. Student Board members receive a monthly stipend.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

UO Fraternities and Sororities offer a wide range of opportunities for leadership development and involvement. Since all chapters are self-governing, members can gain experience in a variety of leadership roles. Serving as an officer or committee chair in a chapter develops leadership skills in the areas of self-responsibility, decision-making and organization.

Another opportunity is to serve as an officer on the Interfraternity or Panhellenic Councils, the UO Fraternity and Sorority governing organizations. These leadership opportunities develop management and organizational skills, and help you learn how to motivate others, plan effectively and resolve conflict.

UO Fraternities and Sororities also have the opportunities to attend a number of local and national leadership conferences and retreats.

Holden Leadership Center

The Holden Leadership Center provides leadership workshops, training, programs and support to all University of Oregon students, no matter what their academic background or interest.

These dynamic workshops cover a variety of topics including leadership issues, skill development, officer transition, retreats and cross-cultural awareness training.

Encompasses one-on-one individual mentoring as well as mentoring groups and group leaders.

Comprehensive Web Site
The clearinghouse for all leadership opportunities available to students both on and off campus. It also includes a number of leadership books, articles and tip sheets.

Emerging Leaders Program

Designed for students who want to develop leadership abilities, life-long skills and strategies needed for success.

President's Leadership Symposium
Student leaders have dinner with the University President and participate in a variety of leadership workshops.

Multicultural Center Board of Directors

The Multicultural Center (MCC) Board of Directors oversees the staff and program advisor to ensure that the MCC adequately represents the voice of students. The board consists of student representatives from the MCC's primary constituent groups which are: ASUO Multicultural Advocate, Asian Pacific American Student Union, Black Student Union, International Student's Association, Jewish Student Union, LBGTQA, MeCHA, Native American Student Union and Women's Center. In addition, there are four at large positions that represent students, the community, faculty, staff, and the administration.

Outdoor Program and Bike Program

For over 30 years, the Outdoor Program has been bringing people together in a wide range of outdoor pursuits and environmental settings. Trip initiators attend a two-part clinic that covers the OP philosophy, liability, trip planning and procedures, use of the equipment facility, gear, vehicles and safety procedures. Students learn how to facilitate consensus groups, logistics and outdoor skills.

Women's Center

The mission of the Women's Center is to advocate for the best educational and working environment for the women at the University of Oregon. Student coordinators receive a monthly stipend and have the opportunity to receive academic credit.