Intersectionality is the understanding of how someone’s overlapping identities such as race, gender, abled privilege, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination. The intersectional events team will provide a variety of events and activities to students to engage them in understanding how intersectionality is essential to combating the interwoven prejudices people face in their daily lives. Events, speakers, and workshops will be committed to uplifting the voices and experiences of marginalized individuals within our campus community.

Intersectional events is committed to helping students explore and understand their unique and whole selves by providing a variety of events, activities, and mentoring. Each year we host the Queer Film Festival—a multicultural, multiethnic festival showcasing LGBTQ+ artistry in film. We are currently seeking suggestions for films to screen at the 27th annual Queer Film Festival and for inspirational speakers to invite to campus. We'd love to hear your thoughts! Submit your suggestions on our OrgSync or Facebook pages.

Goals for 2018–19

  • Increase attendance and social media presence
  • Develop at least one event per term
  • Host more speakers with films for the Queer Film Festival

Intersectional Events Team

Chair: Sofia
Logistics Coordinator: Valerie
Outreach and Fundraising Coordinator: Alex
Social Media and Promotions: Munira

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