The BE Series presents inspirational talks by amazing guests who challenge the status quo, help us learn about the world and ourselves, and expand the possibilities of who we can all BEcome. We encourage students to explore their diverse identities through the interconnection of personal, professional, and academic development.

We select guests from underserved populations whose goals and accomplishments complement our mission of holistic student development and support. We foster long-term impact by connecting students with presenters through small group mentoring sessions, classroom visits, and more. Many of our presenters are local or live near Oregon, and strive to maintain mentor relationships with UO students.

Goals for 2018–19

Our goal is to provide events, workshops, and mentoring sessions with inspirational speakers to help students explore the diverse possibilities of who they can BE. We foster inclusion and interconnection by drawing on the perspectives of diverse partners so that we can all grow together. Our goals include:

  • Increasing visibility of BE Series opportunities and programming
  • Increasing overall attendance at speaker events by inviting community partners to table during events

BE Series Team

Chair: Mitchell
Logistics Coordinator: Cristina
Outreach and Fundraising: Gaby
Social Media and Promotions: Lucy

Questions? Contact us at