We are seeking original text for new EMU public art

We invite students to submit original text, prose, or poetry for integration into a permanent exterior public artwork by Portland artist Adam Kuby. The stone artwork will be located around the EMU green. This is a rare and unique opportunity for students to have their words and ideas set in stone permanently on the University of Oregon campus.

This opportunity is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

The author of the selected text will receive $300, and a plaque with their name on an EMU wall near the artwork.

About the Artwork

Six stone sculpture compositions will be situated around the circular EMU green. The selected text will be engraved on one of these stone compositions. Other texts will be engraved on the other five sculpture components. The winning text will potentially be fractured into multiple pieces. Adam Kuby creates the stone compositions by starting out with the same exact size block—a four foot cube. The first composition remains unbroken. The second stone is cleaved in two. The third is broken into four pieces, the fourth into eight, the fifth into sixteen, and finally, the last stone composition will contain thirty-two pieces. 

Submission Rules

  • Submit your text by January 19, 2018.
  • Each student may submit two original passages or inspirational quotes.
  • Texts must be between 12 and 50 words long.
  • Adam Kuby and the EMU Art Committee will review the entries and select the winner.
  • A selection of finalist entries may be posted in the EMU to solicit community feedback.
  • The artist and committee have the right to choose none of the entries and not to award the prize.
  • The review and selection process will be anonymous and the selected author will not be known until the final selection has been made.

Considerations When Crafting Your Text

  • Your submission could take the form of a line of prose or poetry, or a simple statement. Whatever it is, consider it a message from your class and your generation to future UO students.
  • Consider crafting a text that reinforces, celebrates, and relates to the university's proud tradition of inclusion, activism, community engagement, and long history of individuals coming together to address important issues of the day. Much of that history has taken place at the EMU.
  • Your text could also be about something else altogether, yet still tangentially relate to the EMU's traditions and the artwork's core concepts.
  • Consider that your text may potentially be broken up and arranged on multiple stones. This will make for some interesting compositions and random scrambling of words. It will take some extra effort for viewers to piece the text back together but that is part of the interest, and part of the concept. How the text will be broken up will depend on its length and which stones it ends up on.
  • Imagine the words of your text engraved on granite stones that will be rained and snowed on, walked on, sat on, and played on.
  • A longer text is not necessarily a better text. Use only as many words as you need to say what you mean.

The Selected Text

If your text is selected, your name won't be engraved on the stone along with the text. However your authorship and a reprint of the full, unbroken text will be credited on a nearby wall plaque at the EMU, and on the university's website about the artwork. The selected author will receive $300.

The winning passage will be announced in January 2018.

The artwork will be installed in Spring 2018.

Submit Your Text