Re-Card (New UO ID Card) FAQ

What does “re-card” mean?

A re-carding of campus is when all of the current UO students, faculty and staff receive a newly designed UO ID card.

Why is there a re-card process?

The card design on the current UO ID card has been in place for over ten years and it is time for an update. The new design was created by a UO student.

Do I have to get a new UO ID card?

Yes. Everyone with current UO ID cards should pick up their new UO ID card when their distribution dates come up. See distribution information here.

I am currently a student, faculty or staff at the university, can I update my photo for the new UO ID card?

No because the new UO ID cards have already been printed. However, if you lose your UO ID card and need to buy another one, we can update your photo.

When will I get my new UO ID card?

We will begin to distribute the new UO ID cards to incoming students during IntroDUCKtion.

Current students, faculty, and staff can pick up their new UO ID cards according to the distribution schedule.

Is there a deadline to pick up my new UO ID card?

Yes. You will have six months from the time that distribution begins in Fall term 2016 to pick up your new UO ID card. After that time, all current UO ID cards will be deactivated. This will deactivate all services associated with the UO ID card, including Student Recreation Center access, use as a bus pass, building access, Duck Bucks, time clocks, and meal plans.

Do I have to come to the EMU to pick up my new UO ID card?

Yes. Everyone will need to come to the Card Office to exchange their old card or purchase their new UO ID card.

Do I have to pay for the new UO ID card?

No. If you bring in our current UO ID card to exchange, there will be no charge for the new UO ID card.

Yes. If you do not have your current UO ID card to exchange, there will be a $22.00 replacement fee.

I don’t see a barcode or my UO ID number on the card. Will they still be on it?

Yes. We have moved the UO ID number and the barcode to the back of the card.

Does everything transfer from my old card to my new card?

Yes. Everything from your old UO ID card will automatically transfer to your new ID card.